About Us

The i2i Workforce team knows all about HR, Recruitment, Development & Retention, Training, and Employer Branding. We understand the challenges you face in your business and career. Our backgrounds are rich in HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, and IT with experience in the US and abroad. This line experience as hiring executives, managers, and HR professionals leading functional areas gives us a keen appreciation and understanding of your HR, hiring, staffing, performance management, retention and line functions because we have walked in your shoes. We are here to make your life easier and elevate your teams’ performance.


Our mission is simple. We are in the business of helping you build and develop a workforce second to none.

Core Values

We operate with integrity
We strive to be the best
We respect people
We bring it — We Bring the Brilliance

Community Giveback

At i2i Workforce we believe in giving back – locally and globally. Here are a couple of the programs we currently support: First Robotics, Colorado Companies to Watch, HREE, Moxie

How We Started

Prior to i2i and CGM, Melodie Reagan served in roles such as Senior VP of Global Sales & Marketing, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, and has led a practice area at a consulting firm. She has managed top-performing technical & non-technical teams throughout the U.S., Europe & Asia, and managed businesses with profit and loss accountability up to $1B & operating budgets greater than $35M.

Melodie leads from experience and by example, having personally worked with numerous clients to create top performing 21st Century workforces, and to build top employer brands. Melodie knows the business of business.

Industries We Serve

It should read industries we haven’t served! Our clients are in:

Manufacturing, Bulk Materials Handling
Agriculture / Horticulture
Healthcare IT & Services
O&G, Alternative Energy
Financial Services
Tech Services & Software
Hospitality, Travel, Entertainment, Food & Beverage
Non-Profit, Public-Private Collaboration
Construction & Real Estate

Work With Us!

We’d love to hear how i2i can help you. Contact us today to speak with a comprehensive team of human resource professionals ready to assist your team.

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