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The workforce of the 21st Century needs to perform without parallel, have the right fit, and possess the current critical skills for the job. How we think about work, what constitutes work, and the skills needed for a productive and viable workforce are constantly changing. That is where we come in. We have solutions. We Bring the Brilliance®.

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“The My HR Team™ service is a much better decision than hiring one HR professional. We get whatever help we need, when we need it. Our team of professionals is top notch. Having i2i as our HR partner makes the right things happen!”Kirk Hanson
Alvarez & Associates

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i2i Workforce partners with you by providing our Outsourced HR, Recruiting, Training and more to help you achieve the well-matched, expertly trained, high performing and confident workforce you want through an array of services.

Change is a constant and business is moving and morphing faster than the time it takes a worker to learn a skill.

We don’t just list testimonials with just a title and type of company which is the practice of too many agencies, we list real people and real companies – real references.

Check Out What Our Clients Say


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