Improve Productivity Employee Surveys

2i Workforce crafts and conducts employee surveys. There are many reasons to conduct surveys, but here a top few:

  • To promote a positive workspace
  • To increase employee satisfaction
  • To understand culture organically
  • To improve employee retention
  • For business improvements
  • For adaptability (change is a constant)
  • To benchmark, compare, and measure

We also know why they fail and take measures to avoid failure:

  • Lengthy surveys and/or with difficult to understand or non-germane questions
  • Conducting surveys when leadership is not truly ready and/or willing to act
  • Surveys that come out of the blue with no internal comms
  • Surveys intended to promote a bias or to reach a specific conclusion
  • Processing the results is not timely
  • Data is used in a punitive fashion or it is feared to be used

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