Seamless Transactions Mergers & Acquisitions

At i2i Workforce, our senior HR business partners are experienced in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and have navigated both sides (acquirer / acquired) of such transactions.

We have the ability to assess the human capital related complexities of acquisitions, during due diligence and throughout post-transaction integration.

We have successfully participated in the integrations of key senior leaders and significant reorganization and downsizing. You do not want to face post-merger surprises. There are several reason why integration can get really problematic.

Research suggests that a high percentage of M&A activity is unsuccessful, so protect your business before and after you invest. This is particularly true for middle-market companies. i2i will work to minimize post-merger impacts.

You will get an experienced integration leader with the expertise that will, from a human capital perspective, assess, recommend, plan, and implement within areas of critical importance, such as:

  • Communications & Employee Concerns
  • Risk Assessment & Compliance
  • Company Culture Compatibility
  • Benefits Problems
  • Changing Roles & Structures

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