Praise for i2iWorkforce What Our Clients Say

Our clients are our best business references. With i2i Workforce you get service you can count on. Here is what they have to say:

“I2I Workforce has been an integral partner in our growth and success. Melodie Reagan in particular is an exceptional leader, networker and truly puts actions behind her words. I2I Workforce is always looking to add value and exceed client expectations. We have appreciated the ability to hire exceptional talent either part-time, temporarily or with an eye to full-time employment. Thank you!”

Jennifer Kronenberg, President
Melerix Corporation (formerly SendPhotos Inc)

“I’ve been a hiring manager utilizing executive search firms for many years now, and I can honestly say that working with I2I Workforce over the last two years, they’re the best I’ve worked with in my career. The quality of the candidates I2I Workforce presents is extraordinary. I can count the resumes received from I2I Workforce that I did not hire…on one hand. I’ve hired several senior managers, mostly VP and up, and each one has been a winner.”

Ed Amerson, SVP, Project Management

“I2I Workforce has been a pleasure to work with. Not only have their assessment tools strengthened our hiring process, but their talented team is truly consultative. I2I Workforce is not simply a vendor, but a true partner in making sure we deliver on our brand promise to provide ‘The Very Best People…Guaranteed’ to our clients.”

Bob Valentine, Vice President of Organizational Development

and today Jeremy Tolley, VP of Human Resource

Towne Park Ltd.

“I2I Workforce provides true professionalism, consistency, and diligence in all that they do. My many experiences in working with I2I Workforce have provided me with great confidence and comfort in knowing that I2I Workforce addresses their customers’ needs with the greatest priority. I2I Workforce has repeatedly proven to have the needed experience and knowledge that to help us Be an Employer of Choice.”

Vic Ahmed, VP
Colony Group

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